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Tattu Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger €? Review

Tattu TA3000 Smart Charger is a dual-channel multi-function charger with functions such as charging, with a charging power of up to 3000W, intelligent distribution of dual-channel charging, and can satisfy the charging of 6 to 14 series of lithium polymer battery packs. Fast charging, maintenance, storage, and discharge. It can automatically identify the parameters of the connected battery, and can complete the charging and discharging functions without manual settings;The battery and charging solution can meet the full range of TATTU Smart battery products and without a balance port. The TA3000 smart charger has functions such as over-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-charge protection, power-off protection and fast balancing.

Tattu Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger – Review

When I opened the package and saw the yellow boxes I hoped that I received some of their latest R-Line V4.0 packs. They are not just lighter but also have an improved formula for better performance. Tattu has three product lines dedicated to FPV drones: GensTattu, FunFly, and R-line. They are also working on a new LIPO battery charger, which I should receive soon for review.

Package Contents1 x Flux Mini w/ grip1 x Battery pack*1 x Quick Guide1 x USB charging cable1 x Wall charger * Packages purchased "With 2 Batteries" will contain additional battery in box

With the SOL Nova Unlimited, we have both extended the incomparable features of the SOL Nova by adding the Responsive Mode and provided it with a user-friendly, rechargeable battery. The functions of a complete power unit have been integrated into this wireless tattoo machine which, for the first time, is operated by a single button. The frequency of the SOL Nova Unlimited is adjusted quickly and intuitively by holding this button while tilting the machine. This unprecedented, revolutionary operating concept can be experienced continuously, as the SOL Nova Unlimited runs longer than the supplied spare battery needs to be charged. Tattooing has never been easier, more intuitive or more free - an unlimited experience!

Our fast-charging 6-foot extended USB-C cable comes with a charging block and will help maximize your machine's output as well as prolong the battery life of our products. We recommend purchasing the USB-C charger as an add-on with all device and power pack purchases for optimal, long-lasting mechanical functionality.

Seriously, this will change your life. $9 for a two-pack of these puck Garmin chargers that stay put and stay connected. One for the office, one for your bedside, another for your bag, and one for your dog's house. Just in case.

Thanks at dcr for the fantastic reviews. I would be interested in this as Well. The More i read the Reviews the more i get the Feeling that the Fenix 7 will quickly be superseded by a new Version with ecg, larger Display, better GPS, smaller bezels/black rings, possibly true LTE. Can anybody say Something about garmins Future Plans? To me the entire top Lineup seems to be a stopgap measure.

There are some quirks to this method, and many people prefer a simple set-and-forget dedicated Whoop battery charger. But these series boards offer functions like discharge and storage charge that most Whoop chargers leave out.


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