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Buy Mosser Glass Fixed

New ProductsMosser offers high quality glass in classic and contemporary designs. Several categories of patterns are available including tableware, cake plates, candle stands and home décor.

buy mosser glass


Custom MouldsOur extensive portfolio of custom glass moulds allows us to create a variety of complex shapes and unique forms to fit any theme or design throughout all Mosser glassware products.

Retail Store & Factory ToursMosser Glass offers area tourists a guided tour through our facility, where you will see our talented craftsman at work and learn about the process of glass making.

Mosser Glass, located in Cambridge, Ohio, has been manufacturing quality hand-pressed glass products for over thirty years. Our handcrafted glassware lines consist of Carnival, Vaseline, and Opalescent, as well as hand-decorated pieces. LinksHomeOur GlasswareNew ProductsProcessAboutToursCustom MouldsContactCelebrity ShowcaseDealer LocatorCollector CommunitySite MapReturn Policy Glassware CareDo's and Don'ts of caring for your Mosser Glass Copyright Templaza

Entertain with a touch of class with our beautiful assortment of punch bowls and spooners. Our brightly colored and iridescent glassware adds a bit of flair to your beverage selection, so delight guests with the full collection of punch bowl, plate, ladle and cups of the Mosser Grape Punch Set.

Adorn any table or shelf with our delicately moulded glass baskets. Coming in either Thistle or Drape styles, these decorations offer a great conversation piece when guests grab for candy or comment on perhaps the lovely flowers it holds.

From simple round crystal to cobalt jagged rocks; our collection of glass paperweights provides a variety of selections for you to choose from. You could also get these engraved as great corporate gifts or party favors!

Visit our beautiful retail store onsite. You will find all of our gorgeous creations plus more. Pick up a treasured souvenir, find that perfect gift for someone special or add to your own glass collection.

Mosser Glass offers area tourists an interesting learning experience. You will be given a guided tour through our facility, where you will see our talented craftsman at work and learn about the process of glass making.

***Glass making is a fickle business. Sometimes (not often) we have issues with the glassware or furnaces that are beyond our control. If you are making a special trip, please check with us to make sure we are offering tours that day***

Mosser Glass isn't simply heirloom quality glassware: it's a family tradition that the Mosser family has carried on for more than forty years. The company began in makeshift factory inside Orie Mosser's chicken coop, but they soon earned a name for themselves as producers of high quality glass with timeless designs. Still operated by the family today, Mosser Glass' handcrafted, artisan products are made with old fashioned methods, such as hand-pouring molten glass into custom vintage moulds, to produce thick flint glass keepsake pieces and durable glassware in brilliant jewel tones. But you don't have to be an expert on hand-pressing glass to enjoy these gorgeous heritage items; The unforgettable colors and intricately faceted patterns of Mosser Glass are perfect for brightening up any home.

Embrace the colors of summer with jadeite, spring green, Vaseline yellow, and pink milk glass from everyone's favorite heirloom quality glassware company. These summertime Mosser Glass essentials are available in so many styles. Dress up your table with glass butter dishes and salt shakers, or make your morning coffee a bit more stylish with cream pitchers and sugar bowls. Mosser's butter tubs, lemon reamers, mixing bowls, and cake stands are ideal for bakers. If baking and cooking aren't for you, don't fret! You can enjoy the timeless style and durability of this heirloom quality glassware in the form of a spectacular diamond cut candy dish or hors d'oeuvre tray. And, of course, you can't go wrong with those classic Mosser Glass plates, which are sturdy enough to become your go-to dinnerware and beautiful enough to make every night seem like a special occasion.

Mosser's patent ruby red and emerald green flint glass shines and sparkles like a real gemstones, making this heirloom quality glassware the perfect medium for festive holiday decorations. Glass Christmas trees in red, green, and clear harken back to a time when the holiday season was simpler and more focused on the centuries-old traditions and meaning of Christmastime. With three sizes to choose from, your Mosser Glass trees can be used as miniature mantel decorations or bold Christmas dinner centerpieces--it's all up to you.

Mosser Glass is a company making handmade glass, founded in Cambridge, Ohio, in 1970 by Thomas R. Mosser. The company is operated by his oldest son, Tim Mosser. The Mosser family got their start in the business at the Cambridge Glass Company.[1][2]

The origins of Mosser Glass go back more than half a century to the time when Orie Mosser was the plant manager of the Cambridge Glass Company. His son, Thomas, began working there as a teenager, learning the trade from bottom to top. When Cambridge Glass closed in 1954, Tom decided to continue in the glass business building a company of his own.It took a while for a young man just starting in life to assemble the elements necessary to do that. He spent five years buying glass moulds, searching for affordable used equipment and saving money. In 1959, he was finally able to begin manufacturing glassware in an abandoned chicken coop. From humble beginnings, Tom was able to leave the coop within two years and form Variety Glass, producing glassware for the pharmaceutical industry.

From day one, Tom Mosser was committed to manufacturing quality glassware, and his dedication was rewarded with continuing success. In 1971, he established Mosser Glass with a product line that blends new designs with timeless classics acquired from Viking, L.G. Wright and of course, Cambridge Glass.

Today, Mosser Glass employs more than 30 people in an efficient manufacturing process configured to provide the highest quality glassware for our customers. And the fine family tradition continues with family members continuing to operate the company. With the mix of generations - from Tom and Georgianna to their son Tim and daughters Sally and Mindy - this family brings new ideas to the company without the loss of the traditions our customers cherish.

The Mosser family is proud of the legacy that Orie and Tom began. You will see we continue that legacy, blending beauty and fine craftsmanship in every piece of glassware we produce. We hope it brings you as much pleasure as it brings us.

The Dorflinger Glass Museum Gift Shop specializes in wares made from glass. From a variety selection of glass jewelry to handcrafted ornaments to a huge selection of paperweights, the shop has something for every taste and every budget. A large number of items are made in the United States, including glass from Mosser Glass, Cambridge, Ohio; Glass Eye Studio of Seattle, Washington; and Blenko Glass Company of Milton, West Virginia.

Mosser Glass is one of the many product lines featured in the shop. This extraordinary line of hand-blown art glass vases and paperweights incorporates the use of precious metals such as gold and silver and rare oxides such as cobalt and copper.

Every piece of handcrafted glass of Glass Eye Studio contains Mt. St. Helens ash. For 30 years, this family of glass artisans has created innovative and fresh pieces to match any home décor with designs and color to dazzle. Their ornaments, vases, and paperweights show the beauty of glass and the skill of the artist who creates it.For over 100 years Blenko has maintained the tradition of hand made glass. Their handmade vases, baskets, and bowls are unique and inspiring. Noted for the exquisite color of their work, all glass from the Blenko is made in small batches. The air bubble, line or individual marks left by the craftsmen are not flaws but rather the distinctive nature of the handmade process. 041b061a72


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